I've devoted my career to helping businesses find their stories so that they can better connect with people–customers, community, employees, anyone. A big part of how I have done this is through coaching individuals and teams through finding and realizing successful story-driven product strategies.

After years of working this way, I started to see something that surprised me. Whereas I was focused on helping people find the story of their products, my clients were often concerned with a more important story: their own story.  People, it turns out, don't care about the story of their products. I mean, they do. A little bit. But more so, they care about themselves. I should know that. I wrote a book about that.

As a teacher, a coach, and a manager, who built a career working at the forefront of technology, I have always loved developing people. I have seen how successful companies can be when the people behind them feel empowered and passionate about what they do. But I always saw it as a bi-product of the way I work, not the focus. Not anymore. Because you asked for it (and because I love doing it): I build successful people (who just happen to be building businesses, teams, products, services, programs, and initiatives). One story at a time. 

The Backstory

Over the past 20 years, I have spent half of my time working with startups and the other half with leaders and change-makers at more established tech and Fortune 500 companies and non-profits like Google, Apple, Logitech, Bloomberg, BMWCiti, Sony Pictures, The Central Park Conservancy and WNYC. Prior to my career in technology, I refined my talent for storytelling and narrative development as an award-winning documentary filmmaker.  

I have taught courses at some of the best design and technology programs in the world at The School of Visual ArtsParsons School for Design, NYU, and Northwestern University. I have an MFA in Radio, TV, & Film from Northwestern University, a BA in Film and Video Studies from The University of Michigan, a Certificate in Multimedia Production from NYU, and am in the process of completing my coaching certification at the Gestalt Center in Cape Cod and through the International Coaching Federation.

I live and work in Brooklyn, New York with my partner, Erica, our son, Max, our crooked dog, Ralph, and doe-eyed, pointy-eared cat, Gizmo.

I'm accepting a limited number of new clients for 2018.