What’s your story? What do you want it to be?


Do you feel stuck at a crossroads or impasse? Want to take your career, leadership style, or organization to the next level but lack a clear, pre-defined path forward? You’ve got this. And I can help.  

Hi, I'm Donna. I’m a certified professional coach working at the intersection of leadership, business, and professional development. I help leaders—especially women, LGBTQ, and emerging leaders in tech—advance so that they can make a greater impact in their professional lives and world at large. Work with me to get clear on where you’re going, why, and how and get there in a style that feels powerful and authentic to you. All of that is a story—your story, your purpose, your journey. It’s one that you don’t just tell, but live with deliberate care and intent. Are you ready?


Identify your superpowers

Map your mission


I wear many hats: a designer, an entrepreneur, and now a new mom. Donna guided me to discover the beauty and power in all three of those roles, not separated, but one.
— Stephanie Jeong, Co-founder, Wake The Wolves

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