The User's Journey: Storymapping Products That People Love

Like a good story, successful design is a series of engaging moments structured over time. The User’s Journey will show you how, when, and why to use narrative structure, technique, and principles to ideate, craft, and test a cohesive vision for an engaging outcome. See how a “story first” approach can transform your next product, feature, landing page, flow, campaign, content or product strategy from good to great.

Praise for The User's Journey

"No one knows how to apply storytelling to designing compelling, successful products better than Donna Lichaw. Her book should be dog-eared, highlighted, and shared across everyone on the product management, design, commercial, and even development teams to know why and how story is critical to innovative, useful, delightful products."

Chris Avore
Global Head of Product Design, Nasdaq


"Send your customers on a hero’s journey and turn their pain points into the climax of the story. Donna’s book will help you use narrative architecture already hard-wired into our brains to create more engaging products and services."

Karen McGrane
Author, Going Responsive and managing partner, Bond Art + Science


"Donna helps you not just to tell stories or use stories to promote your product, but to build your products as if they were stories themselves. Using Donna’s approach, you’ll cast your users as the heroes of the story so that everything you do supports them in their journey."

Jonathon Colman
Product UX + Content Strategy, Facebook


“Drawing on years of experience with corporate clients, film, and academia, Donna Lichaw uses the tools of her trade to teach us how to use the various structures and techniques of story to engage, captivate, and motivate audiences.”

Margot Bloomstein 
Author, Content Strategy at Work and principal, Appropriate Inc.