It’s like open office hours. But better.

Are you a woman, LGBTQ, or underrepresented leader* in tech who has something that you want to change or do differently at work? Let’s chat. Because whatever is holding you back…therein lie your superpowers.


Who is this for?

*Leader != manager. I don’t care if you manage a team or not. If you do, great. If not, that’s fine too. A leader is someone who is or wants to make a change, a difference, or an impact at work or in the world at large. Is that you?

Note: This is not for job seekers. I wish I could, but I can’t help you find a new job. What I can do is help you be more super at the job that you already have.

How this works

Grab a 1:1, 20 minute slot** that works for you. Show up with something you want to change or do differently at work. Something you feel comfortable covering in a short amount of time. I wish it was more complicated, but it really is that simple.

**If my calendar is full, follow me on Twitter to find out when new slots open up. I don’t have an email list for you sign up for to be notified of this stuff because…I’ve learned that sending email newsletters is not one of my superpowers.

What does this cost?

Nothing. Meeting with me is FREE. No strings attached.

What’s the catch?

Seriously, there is no catch. I’m an introvert who likes chatting with and meeting new people. It’s strange, I know. I also like to give back to my community and this is one way that I do that. I’m not doing this as some kind of a marketing ploy to get new leadership coaching clients (my roster is currently full - though I’ve got a waiting list, if you’d like to add yourself). I’ve just got some free time in my calendar and want to spend it any way other than writing or doing bookkeeping or any of the other things I really should be doing.

Procrastinating in style is one of my superpowers. I’m owning it :)

So…what are you waiting for?