Where do you want to go?

You're mission-driven and want to accomplish BIG things in your professional life.

What's your story?
What do you want it to be?

You're passionate, goal-oriented, and mission-driven. You want to move forward with your career, your organization, your business. But you feel stuck and frustrated because you:

  • Can’t figure out how to get where you want to go.
  • Don’t know what goals to focus on or which next steps to take.
  • Work alone—or don’t have enough guidance or support at work.
  • Don’t feel confident enough in your ability to lead, influence, and inspire others in a style that feels natural and authentic to you.
  • Know that you can do things differently…but aren’t sure how.


Hi, I'm Donna

I have spent my career working at the forefront of technology, helping leaders find their story so that they could develop successful products and services. I now use that same passion and approach to develop successful people. One story at a time.

Work with me to:

  • Find your story of what you want to do, why, and how. 
  • Activate your superpowers (and move past whatever is holding you back).
  • Map your journey. Identify where you're going and how you'll get there. 
  • Move forward. Make an impact. Make a change. Accomplish great things.