Activate Your Superpowers.

You're passionate, goal-oriented, and mission-driven. But something is not quite right or there yet with your career or business. Do you:

  • Want to find a balance between the work you are doing and want to be doing?
  • Not move forward fast enough? Or are you moving too fast?
  • Struggle to admit, articulate, or reach your goals, dreams, and aspirations?
  • Feel stuck at a crossroads and unable to take next steps or pick a direction?
  • Work alone—or without enough guidance, support, or perspective?
  • Want to feel more confident as a leader who influences and inspires others?

Hi, I'm Donna. I have spent my career at the forefront of technology, helping leaders develop successful products. I now use that same passion and approach to develop successful people. One story at a time. Learn about who I work with and how I help.

Who are you? 

You're a rising leader.

You want to make your next move while feeling confident in your skills, leadership style, and direction.

You work for yourself.

You want to grow your business or increase or change the scope of what you currently do.

You're developing a team.

You want to develop, promote, and retain high potential individuals from within your organization.