Hi, I'm Donna. 

I have spent my career at the forefront of technology, helping leaders develop successful products. I now use that same passion and approach to develop successful people. One story at a time. 

What's Your Story? What Do You Want It To Be?


Are you a rising leader or entrepreneur who is:

  • Not moving forward fast enough? Or moving too fast?
  • Struggling to admit, articulate, or reach your goals or dreams?
  • Feeling stuck at a crossroads and unable to take next steps or pick a direction?
  • Working alone—or without enough guidance, support, or perspective?
  • Not feeling fully confident in your ability to influence and inspire others?

You're not alone.

I wear many hats: a designer, an entrepreneur, and now a mom. Donna guided me to discover the beauty and power in all three of those roles, not separated, but one. If you have a vision, but don’t know how to get there, crave accountability, or feel challenged or powerless, I highly recommend that you do YOU, the world, and your vision a service. Say hello to Donna.
— Stephanie Kanoeola Jeong
Co-founder, Wake the Wolves
This is the first time I’ve ever seen clear sense made of my business-yammering. I have started looking for stories in everything I do, in proposals I write, in interactions I have with clients, in software I build, everywhere.
— Johanna Bates
Co-Founder, Dev Collaborative
Before working with Donna, engineers and product managers did not truly collaborate. After working with Donna, there was very real, and at times magical, collaboration. Donna’s the best at what she does, and you only truly understand what that is after working with her.
— Ajay Rajani
CEO, Core Labs