Stepping into my new role and establishing a brand-new department, I knew it was going to be a challenge. I needed to establish credibility not just with my team and strategic partners, but also with myself. Donna has helped me identify the values, actions, and behaviors I expect from myself to lead in an authentic way. I’m now able to lead with more confidence.
— Rebecca Woodbury, Director of Digital Service & Open Government, City of San Rafael, CA
Before working Donna, engineers and product managers did not truly collaborate. After working with Donna, there was very real, and at times magical, collaboration.

Donna’s the best at what she does, and you only truly understand what that is after working with her. Give it a shot, you won’t regret.
— Ajay Rajani, CEO, Core Labs, New York, NY
After being heads down in startups for a few years and getting a few promotions I found myself progressing but not in a specific direction. In our initial conversation I felt a connection to Donna’s approach and believed working with her would allow me to find more focus and direction. Working with Donna has been great. Both as a piece of mind knowing I have set aside time to think through issues and long term direction and as the addition of a relationship predicated on solving problems I am facing.

I have taken on new habits of problem solving and testing methods that have produced new tactics I use on a daily basis. The results of which are a more successful work environment and an ease to approaching the challenges I face.
— Andrew Gauer, VP of Design, Blast, Los Angeles, CA
On paper, my career was moving forward. In reality, I felt unsure of where I was going and how I could continue to grow professionally. Donna has been vital in helping me articulate my goals, focus on what I need to achieve them, and work through any obstacles. I’ve come to count on her keen insights and I always appreciate her patience and good humor.
— Linda Romano, Director of Digital Communications, St. John's University, New York, NY
After spending years in large companies, I thought I knew what I could get out of coaching and mentoring - and was never very impressed with the results. Something always felt missing. When I did some research into what Donna offered, I discovered that piece—someone who isn’t doing this as a box-ticking exercise, who has training and expertise, and familiarity with the challenges I face.

Working with Donna has allowed me to dismiss the issues that aren’t important - but get in the way of dealing with the things that actually matter. It’s helped me to structure my thinking, set better goals, and have confidence about how I manage my relationships, my day-to-day work, and my career.
— Randy Silver, Product Executive and Consultant, London, UK
My work with Donna left me in awe of her keen sense of narrative and her ability to hear and reflect my story in a cohesive, actionable way. She’s a thoughtful, gentle guide, and I learned so much from my time working with Donna.
— Genie Gratto, Senior Director, Marketing Communications & PR,, San Fransisco, CA
I’m amazed at how much clarity I got in such a short amount of time. I’m not only more clear on what drives me, but now know what I need to do in order to move forward. I see that my career can have multiple paths and ventures and still stay on track towards meeting my goals.
— Arya L, Product Manager, Seattle, Washington
I started working with Donna because I felt stuck, alone, and like I was drifting as I tried to shift my consulting to a new focus. Working with Donna has transformed how I think of running my consultancy; I’m more confident, I feel like I have tools to get myself unstuck, and I don’t feel alone as I learned how many independent folks have the same problems as me. And, best of all, I landed a project in my new focus area.
— Susan Robertson, Independent Web Consultant, Ashland, OR
Before working with Donna, I found myself stuck and stagnant. I hesitated for over 3 years to hire a business coach, not because I didn’t believe in them, but more so that I hadn’t found the right one for me. I was drawn to Donna’s design thinking, use of visuals, and her career path of experience in working with successful companies, products, and a range of people searching for how to solve challenging problems.

Donna helped me to see blindspots that I had not seen. I wear many hats: a designer, an entrepreneur, and now a new mom. Donna guided me to discover the beauty and power in all three of those roles, not separated, but one.

If you are up to something great, believe in your vision but don’t know how to get there, crave accountability, or are feeling challenged or powerless, I highly recommend that you do YOU, the world, and your vision a service. Say hello to Donna
— Stephanie Jeong, Co-founder, Wake The Wolves, San Francisco, CA

Let’s be super together.