Let’s get you out of your head and out of your own way.


Using a unique blend of storytelling science, design and visual thinking, and gestalt psychology, I help people rewrite their stories and get on track toward meeting their career and business goals. We unearth narratives that hold you back and shift focus to those that propel you. 

My approach is simple. Together, we establish goals and clear metrics for success, then develop a plan to get you where you want to go in six months. No assessments, no values exercises, no rigmarole—just experiential, experimental, and organic progress toward your goals.


What you get

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Get out of your head and see what you can't see on your own.

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I've either been there, or I can help you find the right people to talk to.

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You guide us, and I keep us on track.

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While we work together, I'm accessible whenever you need me.


Did I mention that I keep you on track?

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Realized potential

You already have the stuff. I'll help you see your strengths and how to use them.


How this works 

We’ll meet for an hour to an hour and a half, twice a month for a period of six months via Zoom video or at my office in Brooklyn, NY. Between sessions, you can reach me via email or text.

Throughout our journey together, we co-design ways to prototype and test the story of where you want your business or career to go in the wild so that you can get on track as quickly as possible and adjust course when necessary. You'll assign yourself as much or as little homework and fieldwork as you you need in order to keep moving forward. And once you've gotten to where you want to go, we celebrate! 

I wish it was more complicated, but it really is that simple.

Please note: Although I do work on stories, I’m not a messaging or marketing consultant. If you need marketing help, I can refer you to some wonderful people.


Working with me

What people say

I started working with Donna because I felt stuck, alone, and like I was drifting as I tried to shift my consulting to a new focus. Working with Donna has transformed how I run my consultancy; I’m more confident, I feel like I have tools to get myself unstuck, and I don’t feel alone. And, best of all, I landed a project in my new focus area.
— Susan Robertson, Independent Web Consultant
After being heads down in startups for a few years and getting a few promotions I found myself progressing but not in a specific direction. Working with Donna has allowed me to find more focus and direction in my career. I have taken on new habits of problem solving and testing methods that have produced new tactics I use on a daily basis.
— Andrew Gauer, Creative Director, Blast
On paper, my career was moving forward. In reality, I felt unsure of where I was going and how I could continue to grow professionally. Donna has been vital in helping me articulate my goals, focus on what I need to achieve them, and work through any obstacles.
— Linda Romano, Director of Digital Communications, St. John's University
Before working with Donna, I found myself stuck and stagnant. I had a difficult time producing action in my side project. I hesitated for over 3 years to hire a coach because I hadn’t found the right one for me. I was drawn to Donna’s design thinking, use of visuals, and her career path and experience in working with successful companies, products, and challenging problems. Donna helped me to see blindspots that I had not seen. I wear many hats: a designer, an entrepreneur, and now a new mom. Donna guided me to discover the beauty and power in all three of those roles, not separated, but one.
— Stephanie Jeong, Co-founder, Wake The Wolves
I began working with Donna when I realized I was stuck, unsure of what step to take next in my profession. Donna’s inviting and accepting approach has allowed me to open up and have confidence and courage about building the next phase of my career...one that puts me in the center. I not only feel more self worth, efficacy, and confidence, but I have a clearer understanding of what it is I’m passionate about doing and how to begin to use that passion to make career decisions moving forward.
— Elisabeth Hubert, Independent Consultant
Donna’s the best at what she does, and you only truly understand that after working with her.
— Ajay Rajani, CEO, Core Labs

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