Who I work with

You're a rising leader.

  • You want to feel more confident and competent in your ability to lead.
  • You want to develop your leadership style in a way that feels authentic and natural to you.
  • You want to grow as a leader, but are not yet sure what that looks like.  

You are your own boss.

  • You want to grow or optimize your business.
  • You want to develop a side or passion project into something bigger.
  • You want to not just scrape by and survive—you want to thrive.

You want to develop your team.  

  • You want to improve your team's leadership skills and capacity.
  • You want to increase your team's influence and effectiveness across your organization.
  • You want to retain and promote high potential talent from within.

Many of my clients don’t fit the traditional leadership profile–white, male, heterosexual–which means they need to work harder to fit in, be seen, be heard, and taken seriously. While I work with a diverse group of clients from all backgrounds, I especially invite women, people of color, and LGBTQ folks—for whom merely showing up is not enough—to work with me.


How this works

I use a unique blend of storytelling science and gestalt psychology to help you uncover the core story of what drives you. Using that story as a blueprint and a guide, I then help you co-create and realize a plan for how to optimize your career and get where you want to be. While no two engagements are the same, this is generally what you can expect from working with me:  


Month 1: Find your story

First, you need to be clear on who you are, what you want to accomplish, what drives you...and what doesn't. What we uncover will guide you in your everyday—and in our work together. 

_0006_7.06 gap analysis.png


Together, we identify strategic, actionable, measurable goals for where you want to go and what you want to do. Then we create an adaptable plan of action to get you there.

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Get on track and, most importantly, stay on track. Make an impact. Make a change. You guide us, I hold you accountable and keep us on track.