Story-driven Data-telling

Last night, I gave a talk at the NYC Data + UX meetup about the intersection of storytelling, data, and website and app development. The video is coming soon—in the meantime, here are the slides for your viewing pleasure!

What does a great experience have in common with a great story? Everything. Whether your product's users realize it or not in the moment, they experience everything as if it was a story. The better the story, the more likely they are to want to use your product, continue to use it, pay to use it, and recommend it to others. This story is not told, however—it is experienced. As such, this story can be measured, communicated, optimized, and tested with real data—data that you are probably already collecting. Learn how compelling stories run though successful, engaging products and how you can use qualitative and quantitative data to parse out and engineer similar stories in your own work.