Better Products Through Storytelling: Podcast Roundup

This month, I was featured on two wonderful podcasts hosted by two wonderful people. In each, we delve into narrative design and using storytelling techniques to create better products.

From Dann Berg's wonderful Novice No Longer podcast interview with me:

"This episode is amazing. My favorite part is when she applies the narrative arc to an app I’m working on, and we get to see the entire process in action (starts at 52:45).
"Storytelling has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of history (one of the reasons that we even have history). Our brains are wired to respond to stories — whether it’s an urban legend told to us around a campfire as a child, or the tale of an obese man who lost weight with an all-Subway diet.
"Donna Lichaw knows a thing or two about the importance of narrative, having studied film for both her undergrad and graduate degrees. She now uses the power of the narrative arc to build compelling products that engage the user by leading them through a carefully crafted experience. She’s worked with companies such as Seamless, Citi, Bloomberg, and Atlantic Records, diving into the user experience and building products that stick."

Listen to the podcast.

And Gerard Dolan of the UX Discovery Session podcast interviewed me to talk about things like narrative design and one of my favorite topics: Kirk v Picard.

Take a listen.