My story

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I have spent my career working at the forefront of technology helping companies find the stories in their products so that they can better engage their core audience. After years of working this way, I started to see something that surprised me. Whereas I was focused on helping people find the story of their products, my clients were often concerned with a more important story: their own story. What was their purpose? Where were they going? Why? Why not? These were all important questions to answer...and essential to answer in order for my clients to move forward in their professional endeavors. 

People, it turns out, don't care about the story of their products. I mean, they do. A little bit. But more so, they care about themselves. I should know that. I wrote a book about that.

As a teacher, coach, and leader, I have always loved developing people. I have seen how successful companies can be when the people behind them feel empowered and passionate about what they do. But I always saw it as a bi-product of the way I work, not the focus. Not anymore. Because you asked for it (and because I love doing it): I build successful people (who just happen to be building businesses, teams, products, and services). One story at a time. 

The Backstory

Over the past twenty years, I have had the honor to work with some of the most innovative companies and nonprofit organizations out there: Google, Apple, Logitech, Bloomberg, BMWCiti, Sony Pictures, The Central Park Conservancy and WNYC. Prior to my career in technology, I refined my talent for storytelling and narrative development as an award-winning documentary filmmaker.  

I have taught courses at some of the best design and technology programs in the world at The School of Visual ArtsParsons School for Design, NYU, and Northwestern University. I have an MFA in Radio, TV, & Film from Northwestern University, a BA in Film and Video Studies from The University of Michigan, a Certificate in Multimedia Production from NYU. 

I am a certified professional coach through the Gestalt Center in Cape Cod and the International Coaching Federation.

I live and work in Brooklyn, New York with my partner, Erica, our son, Max, our crooked dog, Ralph, and doe-eyed, pointy-eared cat, Gizmo.